Leaderonomics is a unique social enterprise with a core mission of transforming nations through leadership development. We sustain ourselves by working alongside corporations and the business world and we channel our proceeds to deserving communities impacting the youth and under-privileged.

We believe that no one is born a leader but leadership is learnt through experiences and life’s journey. We believe that everyone can be a leader. There is a science to building leaders and we work with youth, university students, adults and everyone to help them become better leaders.  We also know that the key to leadership is the ability to make decisions.

Voting is an important decision that everyone needs to partake in.  We in Leaderonomics support UndiMsia! and their vision to enable everyone to become a leader through voting.  For more information on Leaderonomics and our programmes for youth and organisations, visit www.leaderonomics.com or email [email protected]