The MyConstitution (PerlembagaanKu) campaign is a nationwide campaign to educate and empower the rakyat and create greater awareness about the Federal Constitution.

MyConstitution is guided by the observation that the Constitution covers almost every aspect of Malaysian life, from the simple right to freedom of movement to the right to elect the government. The Constitution is the primary document that defines us as a nation and preserves the central pillars of democratic governance. Every Malaysian is a beneficiary of its promise of constitutionalism and of democratic governance, and therefore all Malaysians must be armed with knowledge and understanding of the Constitution.

The core activities of the Campaign are:

• to distribute a series of  nine (9) pocket size booklets – The Rakyat Guides (RGs) – on selected themes of the Federal Constitution;
• to distribute a series of nine (9) public service advertisements – Rakyat Service Advertisements (RSAs) – on selected themes of the Federal Constitution; and
• to host a series of awareness-raising and interest-building programmes on the Federal Constitution through talks, workshops, dialogues, forums and lectures.

MyConstitution is an initiative by the Bar Council’s Constitutional Law Committee which comprises lawyers, academics, students, media personnel, activists and members of the public.

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