Research for Social Advancement (REFSA)

Did you know fewer than 4 out of every 10 policemen are actively involved in crime prevention?

Or that without gas subsidies, the cost of electricity from our independent power producers (IPPs) would be 57% more than in Singapore?

Did you realise that the estimated RM50 billion+ cost of the proposed MRT could have been completely paid for with the amount spent on fuel and other blanket subsidies in the last two years?

How the police are deployed, how big our subsidy bill should be and how we spend it and whether IPPs should be molly-coddled are all government policies. Government policies are not just fancy acronyms – NKRA, ETP, GTP, NEM …. Government policies translate into everyday reality – how safe we feel, the traffic jams we endure, how much we pay our mobile phone operator …

REFSA believes government policies should reflect our wishes and ambitions and be economically wise. And REFSA is here to provide the relevant facts and pertinent analysis to help Malaysians engage our political leaders in open and constructive discussions that result in effective policies.

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