The Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS)

The Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) is an independent and non-partisan public policy institute that aims at fostering open-minded dialogue, enlightened leadership and better governance. The belief underpinning the establishment of the CPPS is that the challenge of building a cohesive, competitive and successful multi-racial Malaysian society can best be met by open discussion buttressed by rigorous analytical work and a spirit of tolerance and respect for the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders in the country.

Presently, the persistence of deep divides and disparities in a wide array of fronts – such as education, employment, health care, housing and infrastructure – points to the urgent need for better strategies and new policies to address systemic inadequacies. These divides and disparities are found not only in the economic sectors, but also in the social and cultural spheres. Through an innovative mix of policy research, strategic communications and targeted outreach, the Centre’s mission is to engage and educate the public and policy makers on best practice policies and successful change strategies that can ensure inclusive development for all Malaysians.

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