Voice of the Children

Voice of the Children (VoC) is a child advocacy NGO that works with like-minded organisations providing direct services to children, and with policy-makers and implementers towards long-term sustainable change. VoC strives to act as a bridge between children and policy-makers and implementers, advocating for the best interests of children and their protection within our legal and policy framework.

VoC has taken on a number of children’s rights issues in Malaysia, including the growing trend of statelessness, undocumented children denied access to basic needs (e.g. public education and healthcare), as well as child protection within the legal and care system. This advocacy manifests itself by, among others, press releases, researched reports, children’s books, rights awareness events and collaborative partnerships.

VoC also engages in a range of programmes and activities to ensure that children’s rights are understood, protected and respected.

To learn more about VoC and its work, see www.voc.org.my/blog/